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  Item #: 9781921103018 
ISBN: 1921103019
  04 Becoming a Transformational Leader: Leadership Audio Series    
  By Ken Parry
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  Format: Compact Disc     


Do you want to become a transformational leader?

In this CD, Ken Parry introduces you to transformational leadership and helps you to understand it in a way that will improve both your leadership and the motivation and performance of your workers.

Ken talks about:
  • what is leadership is; how to transform your followers' hearts and minds
  • the difference between transactions and transformations
  • why transformational leadership improves the bottom line
  • how to enhance the social capital of your organisation
  • when and where leadership can be found; how to develop better leadership culture in your organisation.

Ken suggests that true leadership involves transforming people's hearts and minds - transforming what people feel and think and how they make sense of the problems facing them. He shows you that through this transformation, your followers will become more conscientious, have a clearer understanding of the organisation's goals and have greater sense-making about what they are doing.

Good leadership is also a justifiable, ethical strategy to improve the bottom-line performance of your organisation and can be used as a key value-based method to enhance the organisation's social capital.


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